CP Self Storage


We conduct silent bid auctions. The door to the unit will be opened at the advertised time. Bidders will have a few minutes to look at the contents of the unit and write down their bid. The highest bid wins the entire contents of the unit. Winning bidders must provide their own locks. CASH ONLY!

A $50 deposit is required and will be returned after the unit is emptied and swept clean. None of the contents can remain in the unit or on the property. Winning bidders have until 9am Monday morning to empty the unit. Deposits can be redeemed at our office (inside Sorensen Auto Plaza) after 9am Monday.

Self Storage Sizes and Price Options:

Unit Size Price
5×8 – 5×10 $30/mo
10×10 $45/mo
10×15 $60/mo
10×20 $75/mo
10×25 $85/mo



We are a family owned business serving southwest Iowa since 2000. Our goal is to offer clean, convenient storage options. We look forward to serving you!


Address: 1100 W. Sheridan Ave, Shenandoah IA 51601 .
Phone: 712-246-1600
Email: candice.liljedahl@gmail.com

Working Hours

8:30am - 5pm Monday-Friday
9am - Noon Saturday
Closed Sunday

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